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My fantasy list of artists whom I'd like to cover John Stewart

California Bloodlines

Bruce Springsteen [Remember 3rd verse]
[I could write a paper on the parallels between the albums
California Bloodlines and Nebraska]

Daydream Believer 

Mickey & Michael with Jimmy Fallon and
the Roots in their Hollywood Square format

Last Campaign trilogy/ Chilly Winds / Shoot All The Wild Horses medley

Jackson Browne

Angels With Guns

Rosanne Cash [Again her choice, but as a starter]

Spinning of the World

Lindsey Buckingham
[though his guitar on Midnight Wind is excellent & many
other JS songs is outstanding]. He did do this live with Stewart
[Click Here for video] John Stewart & Lindsey Buckingham -
Spinnin' Of The World [Live 1981].mp4


Bob Dylan [shits and giggles]
[Really, anything he wants is fine!
With his encyclopedic knowledge of music,
Dylan probably knew a dozen Kingston Trio songs growing up]
[Best option would be to ask Dylan for 25 words
and hope for five pages!]


Stevie Nicks

Angeles (The City of Angels) /
Children of the Morning

Nanci Griffith

Runaway Train

Dave Alvin

Never Goin’ Back To Nashville

Willie Nelson
[I chuckle just imagining this]

New Orleans

Harry Connick, Jr

Seven Angels

Amy Grant

Wheel Within the Clay

Jeff Black

July, You're A Woman

Paul Simon {Stewart covered or
incorporated The Boy in The Bubble, into a mealies.

Irresistible Targets

Adam Duritz

Midnight Wind Eric Clapton [not American, but...]

Seven Times The Wind

Richard Shindell

They Call The Wind Maria

Maria Carrey [she was named after the song]

The Man Who Would Be King

Neil Young [Neil would do this angry]

The Wild Side of You 

Brad Paisley

Armstrong / Spirit / I remember America

Arlo Guthrie


Bono [He might not even know Stewart, but
Bono's intensity is what I hear.


James McMurtry

Bringing Down the Moon

Rob Thomas

Cannons in the Rain / Crazy 

Don Henley

Parochial school

Taylor Swift

Somewhere down the line

Chuck McDermott

Bay of Mexico / The Day the River Sang 

Tom Rush

Let the Big Horse Run

Keith Urban

Fire in the Wind 

Nils Lofgren

All Time Woman

Garth Brooks

Miracle Mile / Night of a Distant Star

Marty Stuart

Odin Spirit on the Water

Dixie Chicks

Friend of Jesus

Mavis Staple

Clack Clack / Just An Old Love Song

Ken’ Mo’

New Frontier / Ticket to the Stars

David Lindley

Does Christ Hangout
with the Devil at Night?

Paul Thorn

Waiting for Castro to Die

Greg Brown

Grace of Rain

Judy Collins

Strange Rivers

Marcus King

Dealing with the Night

Joe Bonamassa

Belly full of Tennessee /
All the Brave Horses 

Jason Isbell & Amanda Shire

Girl Down the River 

Ellis Paul

Keeper of the Flame

John Hiatt

Midnight of the World m John Mellencamp

Wheels of Thunder 

Brad Paisley

An Account of Haley's Comet


Banjo Solo Time 

Sam Bush / Béla Fleck / Pat Flynn

Pirates of Stone County Road

James Taylor
Bad Rats T Bone Burnett

Looking for Jack
[On the Otherside of the Wind] /
Bullets in the Hourglass

Bo Deans
Somewhere Down The Line Eliza Gilkyson
Cody Tom Russell
Girl Down The River Vince Gill
Eyes of Sweet Virginia Bruce Hornsby [he is from Winchester VA]
Heart of the Dream Lucinda Williams
You can't look back Melissa Etheridge
Wide-eyed in Babylon Lord Huron
Strange Rivers Robbie Robertson
Little Road and a Stone to Roll /
Swift Lizard
Jimmy Buffett
  Buffy Rord Stewart
[This is just a fantasy list for me, but she lived it.
Her commission is not a slight but a choice for her to make not mine.]

(MIA Glenn Campbell, Johnny Cash, John Hartford, Steve Goodman, Jimmy Lafave and John Prine)
Note: No list of mine is complete without Carole King, but i don't hear her here.

Open for revisions. The discussions would be fun!