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Signals Through the Glass
1968 Signals Through the Glass  Folk Era Records 2.5
California Bloodlines 1969 California Bloodlines  Zonophone 4.5 California Bloodlines
Willard 1970 Willard  EMI 2.5 California Bloodlines / Willard minus 2
Lonesome Picker Rides Again 1971 Lonesome Picker Rides Again  Koch 4.0+ Lonesome Picker Rides Again / Sunstorm
Sunstorm 1971 Sunstorm  Warner Bros. 2.5 Lonesome Picker Rides Again / Sunstorm
Sunstorm Live 1972 1972 Sunstorm Live 1972  Bear Family Records ?
Cannons in the Rain 1973 Cannons in the Rain  3.0
The Phoenix Concerts Live 1974 The Phoenix Concerts Live  One Way Records 4.0 The Phoenix Concerts - Live (With Bonus Tracks)
Wingless Angels 1975 Wingless Angels  3.0 Wingless Angels
Fire in the Wind 1977 Fire in the Wind  RSO 4.0
Bombs Away Dream Babies 1979 Bombs Away Dream Babies  Razor & Tie 4.0
Dream Babies Go Hollywood 1980 Dream Babies Go Hollywood  RSO 3.5
Forgotten Songs of Some Old Yesterday 1980 Forgotten Songs of Some Old Yesterday RCA ?
In Concert 1980 In Concert  3.5
1982 Blondes  Line 4.0 Blondes
Revenge of the Budgie 1983 Revenge of the Budgie Takoma ?
Centennial 1984 Centennial  Homecoming Records ?
Trancas 1984 Trancas  AFFORDABLE DREA 3.0 John Stewart - Trancas - Line Records
The Last Campaign 1985 The Last Campaign  Laserlight / Delta Distribution 3.0 Last Campaign
Punch the Big Guy 1987 Punch the Big Guy  Shanachie 4.5 Punch the Big Guy
American Sketches 1990 American Sketches  Laserlight 2.5 American Sketches
At It Again 1990 At It Again Garland ?
Deep in the Neon: Live at McCabe's 1991 Deep in the Neon: Live at McCabe's  Homecoming Records 4.0
Neon Beach: Live 1990 1991 Neon Beach: Live 1990  Line 4.0 Neon Beach: Live 1990
Bullets in the Hour Glass
1992 Bullets in the Hour Glass  Shanachie 3.5
Chilly Winds 1993 Chilly Winds  Folk Era Records 3.0 Chilly Winds
Airdream Believer 1995 Airdream Believer  Shanachie 4.0 Airdream Believer
Live at the Turf Inn, Scotland 1996 Live at the Turf Inn, Scotland  Folk Era Records 4.0 Live at Turf Inn - Scotland
1988 John Stewart & Nick Reynolds - Four by Two
(3 inch disc)
New Era 4.0 n/a
American Journey 1996 American Journey  Laserlight 2.5 American Journey
Rough Sketches 1997 Rough Sketches  Folk Era Records 2.5 Rough Sketches
Bandera 1998 Bandera  Folk Era Records 3.5
Teresa & Lost Songs 1998 Teresa & Lost Songs  Homecoming Records 3.0
John Stewart & Darwin's Army 1999 John Stewart & Darwin's Army  Appleseed Records 3.5 John Stewart & Darwin's Army
Havana 2000 Havana  Appleseed Records 3.0 Havana
The Day the River Sang 2003 The Day the River Sang  Appleseed Records 3,5 The Day The River Sang
Front Row Music: Before the War 2006 Front Row Music: Before the War Neon Dreams ?
Revenge of the Budgie 2009 Revenge of the Budgie Takoma ?
2012 Old Forgotten Altars, 1960's Demos
2020 Summer's Child 1975 Ebbett's Field Bootleg (additional photos here) Summer's Child
The Secret Tapes-1984-87
The Secret Tapes 1984-87 The Secret Tapes-1984-87
Wires From The Bunker Appleseed Records Wires from the Bunker